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Dancing Clothes in Houdini & Marvelous Designer

Finally finished to study on R&D of the dancing clothes without bodies that we learned specificially followed at blogs, tutorials and even studied ourselves along weeks. We spent time in Marvelous Designer to create and collide clothes on the dancing bodies which are from DAZ3D's basic package. Also studied on Substance Painter and Redshift Render Engine. At the end, I believed to have it become as a project. Hereby you'll see, enjoy.

Dance till moorning, enjoy forever!

Body Simulations: DAZ3D
Cloth Simulations: Marvelous Designer
Texturing: Substance Painter
Rendering: Redshift for Houdini.
Final montage and color correction: After Effects
Music: Non Copyright Music Youtube Channel
I'm grateful for every Houdini guy in that duration 'cause of they shared their knowledge on blogs, forums or web.

I hope you liked it.

Dancing Clothes in Houdini & Marvelous Designer